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Wrap Holder


  • Wrap Holder/ r30
  • Wrap Holder / r30
  • Wrap Holder / r30
  • Wrap Holder / r30
  • Wrap Holder / r30

Original Item Usable Even When Attached

This is ideaco’s original product which can be used to wrap goods while remaining attached horizontally to a refrigerator. To make this product even easier to use, this time there are improvements on four points.

1. The back has a spring structure (PAT.P) in order to horizontally attach to a refrigerator which has curved surface.

2. The overlap margins of its mouth have been widened for easy withdrawal.

3. Interior ribs have been placed over the entire surface for smooth rotation of the plastic wrap roll.

4. Protrusions are mounted on both sides to prevent the plastic wrap roll from flying out of the container.

color white(matt) / black(matt) / red(matt) / blue(matt) / pink(matt) / navy(matt)
size W316×D56×H49mm
weight 230g
material ABS(body), stainless(edge), magnet(back parts)

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