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ideaco DESIGN

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Living with simplicity and beauty.

We have an old perspective on nature called “Sansensoumokushikkaijyoubutu”. It means we believe God lives in everything, such as a mountain, river, grass, trees and stones.

Satoyama means undeveloped woodlands. Those who live in Satoyama have customs and a life style where they take only what they need. Where they respect nature and use things carefully without waste.

Modern Japanese culture and aesthetics come from the Satoyama perspective on nature.

ideaco design’s starting point is taken from Satoyama landscape. We strive for simplicity without waste. Our products add innovative ideas into daily life.

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ideaco BRAND

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Living with simplicity and beauty.

ideaco launched in 1998 with the umbrella stand CUBE. CUBE is a celebrated best seller in interior and internet shops for 19 years. The concept of the umbrella stand is simple yet unprecedented and has now become a standard item in homes and the work place.

Since ideaco’s brand conception, we’ve won several design awards with our trash can “tubelor” winning iF product design award 2008 and Reddot design award 2012. The trash can “tubelor” has equipped the boutique hotel “The Standard New York” in Manhattan, America and “Hotel Costes” in Paris, France and the “Mandarin International Hotel” in Hong Kong. In Japan “tubelor” features in numerous city hotels including “Okinawa Manza resort Hotel” and “Richmond Hotel” chain.

ideaco exhibited in 2005 at the “Accent on Design” fair in New York, USA. In 2007, we exhibited at “Milano salone”. We now exhibit at “Maison de object” in Paris.

ideaco items are selling at “merci”the impressive design shop in Paris where the design worlds eyes are upon this shop. Our products are also in the EU design museum shop in Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, etc. We also sell to “The Container Store” which is renowned for providing smart design merchandise. ideaco products are now expanding around the world.

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ideaco VISION

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Smart Innovation

Western advanced countries attracted by the Japanese boom learned about Japanese sophisticated culture and healthy affinity with passed traditions.

More recently parents who experienced WWII taught the next generations “To not waste foods, and respect what you have”. Simplicity and frugality provide the necessary conditions to reduce waste. Advanced countries are supporting the growth of the economy and mass-production and the consumption of the natural resources and mass-consumption. We recognise there is no bright future while holding tightly those morals and economic values.

Inverter technology is challenging the use of less energy needed to produce components made of high quality. This technology also eliminates waste. ideaco embraces smart innovation making a sustainable future possible.

At ideaco, we believe that using Japanese sensitivities could be useful for developing a new attitude contributing towards a brighter future world economy in harmony with beautiful aesthetics.

Representative Director
Ichiro Haba